The Problems and Solutions Laser Engraving Machine

1. The laser does not emit light.

a) Press the control panel test button to check the ammeter status. If it:
– No current: Check the laser power is turn on or off, the high voltage line and the signal line is loose or not.
Have current: Check the lens is broken or not.

b) Check the water circulation system:
No water: Check the water pump is damaged or not.
– Have Water: Check the water inlet and outlet is reversed or water pipe rupture.

c) Data does not right:
– Make sure the computer settings are correct.

d) Check the cover and the front door.

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Control Panel

2. Engraving different depths

a) Check if the water circulation system is smooth. (Water pipe bend or rupture)
b) Check if the focal length is normal. (Readjust)
c) Check if the light path is normal. (Readjust)
d) Check if paper on the material is too thick. (Readjust)
e) Check if the crossbeam is parallel. (Adjust both sides of the belt)
f) Check if the lens is broken. (Change it)
g) Check if the lens or laser tube is contaminated. (Clean it)
h) Check if the water temperature higher than 30 ℃. (Replace the water)
i) Check if the laser head or focusing lens is loose. (Fix it)
j) Laser current light intensity has to be achieved 8mA.
k) Laser tube old. (Change)

Image result for laser engraving machine laser tube part
Laser Tube

3. Engrave font deformed

a) If the laser head pulley wear and tear, then replace the pulley.
b) Adjust the screws at the rear of the Y-axis.
c) If the X-axis driven wheel wear, then replace the driven wheel.
d) If the X-axis motor is faulty, replace the motor.
e) Tighten the screws of pulley and motor.

Image result for laser engraving machine laser head pulley part
Laser Head Pulley

4. Reset is abnormal

a) Check if the sensor has dust or damage. (Wipe dust or replace the sensor)
b) Check if the data cable damage. (Trim the data cable to replace the data cable)
c) Check if ground line or high voltage line is damaged. (Replace it)
d) Poor motor wire. (Change)

Image result for laser engraving machine ground line part
Motor Wire

5. Laser engrave missing

a) Initialization is incorrect. (Modify the data again)
b) Operation sequence reversed. (Re-output)
c) Electrostatic interference. (Check the ground line wire)

6. Sweep hook misplaced

a) Check whether the edited file is correct. (Re-edit)
b) Check whether the selected target exceeds the layout. (Re-select)
c) Check if the software parameters are set correctly. (Re-set)
d) Computer system is wrong. (Re-install the software)
e) Check whether the rear end of the belt is loose. (Tighten the belt)
f) Check the belt or synchronous wheel slipping, jumping teeth. (Intensify them)
g) Make sure the crossbeam is parallel. (Adjust both sides of the belt)

Image result for laser engraving machine belt part
Drive Belt

7. Computer cannot produce output for laser engrave machine

a) Check the software parameters. (Re-set)
b) Engraving machine is according to the first positioning. (Re-output)
c) Make sure the machine is reset beforehand.
d) Make sure the output serial port is the same as the software serial port. (Re-edit)
e) Check the ground line connection is reliable. (Reconnect the ground)
f) Format the computer system disk to reinstall the software test.
g) Motherboard serial port damage. (Repair or replace)

8. Grindstone cannot calculate the work path

a) Make sure the work path is calculated correctly.
b) Make sure the graphics file format is correct.
c) Delete the software. (Re-install)

9. Computer problems for laser engrave machine

a) Fonts reduced. (Re-install the operating system)
b) The amount of data is too large to calculate. (increase computer’s memory)
c) Take a long time to respond. (Restart the test)

10. Advanced settings is invalid

a) The proper use of this function is: First, Laser_cn and sysCfg “read-only” attribute is removed, and then configure the parameters.
b) After configuring the parameters, add the “read-only” attribute of Laser_cn and sysCfg. Do not modify the parameters of this option.

11. The laser engraving sample does not match the size of graphic

Open the “Advanced Configuration” option.

a) Check whether the “motor step” is parallel with the actual step size of the machine.
b) Check if segment is parallel to the number of segments on the drive.
c) CorelDraw9.0 and CorelDraw11.0 is not the same version, use either one.

Image result for laser engraving machine motor step part
Motor Step

12. Edge scans engraving misaligned

a) Draw a rectangle, in the “layer management” mode of operation will be set to engraving, engraving step to 0.5 mm, and then look at the engraving effect.

b) Open the advanced configuration, there is a list of different engraving speed of the corresponding processing parameters listed.

c) If the higher the effect of carving, choose “one-way light” carving.

13. BMP images cannot be alligned

Engrave the BMP image and then cut it. It requires to cache by using CorelDraw, align the PLT image and the BMP image respectively and then transfer output to the system.

14. When press the Start button, no output data

This is normal cases, in order to avoid the operator to misuse by pressing the “Start” button several times, resulting the software misuse.If this affects production efficiency, set the “Number of repetitions” to a large value in “Data Output” and set the dwell time in “Delay”.

15. Laser engrave machine with wrong engraving

a) Check the edited file is correct.
b) Computer operation is correct.
c) Make sure the software and the encryption card match.
d) Make sure the selected target exceeds the layout.
e) Interference.
f) Ground line connection is good.

16. Laser engrave machine is not engraving

a) Make sure the serial port line has been connected to the computer serial port and engraving machine.
b) Check serial port 1 and 2, it might swapped.
c) Software output port settings are consistent with the actual connection.

17. How to maintain the laser engrave machine

a) Always check the cleaning and cooling water. Circulating cooling water quality, regularly cleaning of the pump and water pipes, water protection from the dirt, otherwise easily lead to laser tube burst.

b) Cooling system should be grounded, and temperature control point of refrigeration temperature, otherwise it will cause laser tube damage.

c) Check the focusing lens and the mirror, work for certain time to avoid overheating, the lens surface rust.

e) Make sure all parts of the entire equipment power distribution to be good (fan, water cooler, laser machine, laser power, the computer).

f) Laser tube cannot working in long-term with the light intensity of 90-100, otherwise will lead to rupture of the laser tube; to rationalize the application of laser and laser energy savings, light intensity to 50-60.