CO2 Laser Machine Maintenance

Daily CO2 Laser Machine Maintenance:

  • Blow the dust and debris out of the machine, especially if you’re doing wood. The dust and smoke will collect on your mirrors, belts and belt drives. Cleaning them helps prevent wear and extra debris from building up in the moving parts.
  • Clean mirrors and lenses. Using an eyeglass wipe or denatured alcohol clean the mirrors and both lenses. To clean the lens in the head remove the tube from the head and fitting that holds lens in place. Clean and reinstall making sure curved side is facing upward. Don’t forget to clean the lens on the laser tube too.
  • Check the water level in the chiller every day. If there is a possibility of freezing in your area be sure to add RV-antifreeze to your chiller before the cold season starts. It’s a cheap way to make sure your tube doesn’t break due to ice build up.

Once a week CO2 Laser Machine Maintenance:

  • Blow out the fan on the chiller. Remember you are creating a lot of dust and that is a mechanical fan. This will help prolong the life of your chiller and keep it running at optimal temperature.
  • Using oil or silicon lubricate the rails that the axis’s move on and the belts.
  • Check the bolts and nuts that hold the table to make sure they are tight- to reduce the risk of wiggling. Also check where the belts attach to the machine and the gears they ride on. It’s good to realize there will be a problem before there is actually a problem.
  • We recommend doing an alignment check on the mirrors once a week as well. It’s easier to fix it when it’s slightly out of center than before it’s totally off. This will also prevent loss of work time and loss of material as well.
  • Check your electrical plug in wires for wear. Check the air and water tubes. Look for aging brittle plastic that could break and cause problems in the future.

Reference CO2 Laser Machine Maintenance Video:

How to do alignment:

How to clean mirrors and lens:

Spare part cost list (price updated on Nov, 2018) :

Laser Tube:

40W: RM 700

50W: RM 800

60W: RM 1200

80W: RM 1800

100W: RM 2500

130W: RM 3500

Power Supply:

40W/50W for 3020: RM 388 (Click here to buy)

50W for 4060: RM 500

60W: RM 700

80W: RM 900

100W: RM 1000

130W: RM 1200

Controller Board:

LaserDRW controller board: RM 298

AutoLaser controller board: RM 1498 (click here to buy)