We provide various range of CO2 laser cutter. Click here to choose your machine based on job application.

CO2 Laser Cutter (Cutting & Engraving for non-metal):

3020 CO2 Laser4060 CO2 Laser Autolaser  6090 CO2 Laser Autolaser  

Upgraded Laser Cutter Version (faster cutting speed & rigid body) :

Upgraded version for 4060:

LT4060 CO2 Laser Cutter

CMA4030 (High quality desktop laser cutting machine):

CMA4030 HAN'S Yue Ming Laser Cutter

Casing Upgrade (for 4060 / 6090 / 1390):

casing upgrade

Accessories (add-on):

Refurbish Laptop (low cost and suitable for laser cutter):

Water Chiller (to lower down coolant temperature):

Fume Extractor (to filter smoke & dust, recommended for indoor usage):

Rotary Axis Platform (to engrave fixed diameter cylinder work piece):

rotary axis for co2 laser engrave rotary attachment for co2 laser engraving cylinder with chuck

CO2 Laser Cutter Spare Parts:

laser power supplier for 50W 3020 machineAutolaser control panel for co2 laser cutting and engraving machine


Google Reviews

    review rating 5  Brought my first 4060 50W laser cutter 1 year ago for only RM4888 & free shipping. Machine still works well now. Able to produce 1000+ pcs keychain/day.

    thumb Nurul Hidayah

    review rating 5  Technical training provided is useful and the aftersales service is excellent. Nice, recommend.

    thumb KC Wong

    review rating 5  Beli mesin 3020 dari 3 bulan lalu utk start up buat cake topper business. Mesin murah (lebih kurang 3k saje) & senang pakai. Memang best!

    thumb khairul Asrul

    review rating 5  I'm using laser cutter to do architecture building modelling works since 2017. Good service and technical support. Now I'm master in laser cut. Feel free to contact me if you need any modelling service. 🙂

    thumb Eric Chong